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Hello, welcome to Hxper's Website. Basically you'll find lots of stuff here but mostly my blogs, Pictures, and other random stuff. I've switched site layouts pretty often but I really like the design I have right now, so expect the classic look/feel to stay.

Also, I do still plan to maybe change some ways pages look, however it'll maintain a 90s aesthetic to it.


Well my main field of preference is technology, which is one of the reasons why I made this site in the first place. I've had a fond interest in it since a young age and I haven't grown out of it. I plan to post stuff with building/exploring computers, operating systems, and software. Another thing I like is game consoles, mainly any that is before the 2010s era. This usually goes for nintendo as I'm a good fan of the Wii, gamecube, DS, and even the VIRTUAL BOY!! (joke)


I think now would also be a good time to remind you that I have an RSS Feed. You can either visit it by clicking here or by clicking the badge on the footer.

"its freeeeeeeee"